Action for Children

Despite being one of the UK’s largest children’s charities helping hundreds of thousands of children, young people and families each year (and despite the long history, edging on 150 years), brand awareness for Action for Children is almost non-existent. Behind closed doors, the charity is well known and highly respected by commissioners of local children’s services – from early years to youth services. But others have been doing the talking whilst Action for Children got on with the job. With vital local services being forced to close, there was an urgent need for the charity to invest in its brand. If more people knew about Action for Children, and cared about how it delivers great results for children, more would support. It’s that simple. And the reason why Action for Children launched a new brand approach in 2017. The aim is not to guilt people into supporting, but simply to explain why they should get involved, and how they can help to make a greater impact for families in their local community.

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