A vision within reach



How can we reach everyone everywhere with clean water, toilets and hygiene? ‘A Vision Within Reach’ is the story of our journey to doing just that. And we’re closer than ever before. 

This interactive annual report demonstrates the huge strides we’ve made in reaching the poorest and most marginalised people with the stuff that restores not only their health, but also their dignity: taps and toilets. As a reader you’ll meet brilliant people from around the world, hear their stories, and be inspired by what we can achieve together. 

Linger on the home screen to see 76-year-old Bebe Razafy’s incredible dance moves as she turns on the tap in her village in Madagascar for the very first time. Scroll down to meet Daniel the midwife in Tanzania who can now take care of proud new mums and their babies in a clean hospital, and see the incredible lengths that our UK supporters have gone to to make all this happen.

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