A story like no other

Keech Hospice Care


What was the aim of the report?

Keech Hospice Care, an adult and children's hospice covering Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Milton Keynes, wanted to be braver in its communication and use less jargon, especially when talking about its clinical services. It wanted its annual report to inspire staff and be accessible to the children and adults with life-limiting illnesses with whom it works.

What approach did it take?

The annual report, in print and online, outlines the charity's vision and mission in simple language. It is deliberately brief, focusing on its care priorities rather than all aspect of its operations. It also features images from an animation produced alongside the annual report to promote its work. Ten-year-old hospice patient Millie Davis wrote the foreword to the report, replacing the usual overview from the chief executive. Davis also provided a voiceover for the animation. The middle section of the report features a pull-out pictorial explanation of Keech's work.

How effective was it?

The annual report has received more than 1,000 visits online. The animation was viewed more than 3,000 times within 10 minutes of being posted on Facebook. It has now been viewed 6,000 times on Facebook and 1,800 people have watched it on YouTube. Patients, professionals and donors have said they found the report to be engaging and insightful.

What did the judges say?

Chris Michaeloudis, director of development at nim design, said: "An original approach that combined print and animation."

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